Matriculating members

Congratulations to all of our past and present members who have gained acceptance into medical school! If you are a former AMSA member currently attending professional school and would like to be featured, please contact our current president.

Baylor College of Medicine

Kallie Fuchs, Class of 2020

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Chia Amanchukwu, Class of 2019

Meagan Womack, Class of 2019

Texas A&M University Health Science Center

Tyler Heimdal, Class of 2019

Nishah Panchani, Class of 2020

Emily Gonzalez, Class of 2020

Alex Gustafson, Class of 2020

Texas Tech University Health Science Center - Lubbock

Courtney Welch, Class of 2019

Maria Lyuksyutova, Class of 2019

Elisa Vengalil, Class of 2020

University of Texas Medical School at Houston

Nancy Landez, Class of 2020

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School

Riley Martinez, Class of 2020

Jacqueline Chavez, Class of 2021

Texas Tech Paul L. Foster School of Medicine (El Paso)

Teresa Smith, Class of 2020

University of Texas Medical Branch

Kimberly Hein, Class of 2020

Joshua Acebo, Class of 2020

Ethan Thibodeaux, Class of 2021